Red Wing’s Vasque Collection

Vasque Boot Collection

Vasque BootsCreated for the outdoorsman in all of us, the Vasque Boots Collection features a wide array of hiking and trail boots, tailor-made for each and every person that wears them.

The same quality that you find in every pair of Red Wing boots is evident in this boot collection. To see just some of the Vasque boots we offer, check out the gallery below!

 The origin of the Vasque Boot Collection!

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Red Wing is universally known and applauded for our work boots. However, we are much more than just a place to get great footwear for the job, and we’d like the opportunity to earn your respect out on the trail as well. Check with us next time you’re in the store and we’ll get you fitted for a pair of these premium hiking boots!

If you are interested in learning more about the best hiking boots in Richmond, VA, just stop in at any of our three Richmond area Red Wing Shoe stores, contact Red Wing Richmond online or call us! You can also send us a message on Facebook. We’d be happy to answer any questions you can think of, so don’t hesitate to get int ouch! We look forward to hearing from you.