Red Wing Collections

The Red Wing Collections feature a multitude of purpose-built boots for every occasion. Whether you’re on the job, on the hunt, on the trail, or even on a date, we’ve got a pair of boots that are perfect for the task at hand. See the pages below for more information about these great lines of boots!

Red Wing Work Boots – The Best Work Boots Ever Made

Red Wing Work BootsThese boots aren’t part of a collection, but don’t let that fool you – these are the boots that earn us our reputation for durability, quality, and comfort. Far from just another pair of boots!

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The Heritage Collection – Classic Red Wing Styles

Red Wing Heritage Boots

While we take pride in that hard-earned reputation, you might not know that we’ve got an entire line of stylish and sophisticated boots – the Heritage Boots Collection!

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The WORX Collection – All purpose work boots


The WORX collection features a boot for every job. Boots from the WORX collection are as varied as our customers here in the Central Virginia area – and that’s quite a bit of variety!

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Irish Setters – Specialized for hunting and outdoor work


The Irish Setter line features an outstanding selection of hunting boots and outdoor work boots. Irish Setters have tons of great features that will keep your feet comfortable and secure!

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The Vasque Collection – Our athletic, outdoor boots

Vasque Hiking ShoesCreated for the outdoorsman in all of us, the Vasque collection features a wide array of hiking and trail boots, tailor-made for each and every person that wears them. If you’re hitting the trails around Richmond, or anywhere, you’ll want a pair of Vasque boots strapped to your feet!

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Come to any of our three Richmond area Red Wing stores to learn more about our boot lines! Need some help? Get in touch! Contact Red Wing Richmond online, send us a message on Facebook, or call us!