heavy duty

Heavy Duty

The toughest jobs in the world require the toughest boots in the world, and Red Wing’s Heavy Duty boots are up to any task. These boots have the highest levels of protection against all hazards and work conditions out of all of our boots. These are no-fluff, no-joke, the best work boots in the world.

The Ultimate Fit Experience (UFX)

When your job is dangerous, picking out a pair of boots that will keep you safe is paramount. However, unless you’re a boot expert, you’ll need some guidance – and that’s where the Ultimate Fit Experience from Red Wing Richmond comes in. 

First things first – we want to know why you came into one of our 3 stores. For you, the hard worker with the tough job? We’ll ask what industry and challenges you face so that we can narrow down your selection to boots that fit the bill (including safety regulations and certifications). 

Second, we’ll need some measurements – and not just your shoe size. All boots fit a little bit differently, and we’ll measure your step, your pressure points, and your arch height. We then take this data and marry it with our combined centuries of experience to narrow down your selection even further.

Once we know the type of boots you need and the size you need, we’ll make place you into one of our boot families… in this case, the Heavy Duty family. From there, pick out the pair you like the best that fits into your budget. You got this!

Heavy Duty Boots from Red Wing Shoes

Hardcore workers need hard core boots. If, once you’ve completed the UFX, we recommend the Heavy Duty family – we have a huge selection of boots to choose from. See below for some of the most popular!

Super Sole 2.0


Traction Tred

And that’s just a few of them. Inventory varies by store, but no matter which one of our 3 Richmond locations you visit, you’ll find a great selection of Heavy Duty boots.

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