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Mid Duty boots from Red Wing Richmond are a great option for the majority of jobs throughout the Richmond area. Our Mid Duty boots are highly durable, extremely comfortable, and feature a variety of safety options. Need non-metallic toe protection? We’ve got you. Electricity/Waterproofing/Anti-slip/insulated, or any other hazard protection? Check, check, check, check and check. Unless you work the in the most hazardous of fields, a boot from our Mid Duty family has your back.

The Ultimate Fit Experience (UFX)

At Red Wing Richmond, we take the shoe sizing experience to the next level. We call it the Ultimate Fit Experience, and it starts the second you walk through the door.

First thing we’ll need to know is what job you and your boots will have. An electrician needs different boots than a plumber… and we’ve got boots for both! Every detail counts, so let us know your needs and we’ll narrow down the selection from there!

Second, we’ll get some metrics. The days of getting on the ol’ brannock machine are over! We’ve married technology to our combined centuries of experience to provide you with exactly the right fit – which is more than just your shoe size! There’s no strict standard on sizing, so all boots can fit a little bit different… so we need to go even deeper to get the right fit. We want to know about your gait, your pressure points, and the height of your arch. Again, it’s all about the details!

With everything above lined up, we’ll be able to narrow your selection down to one of our boot duty families. From there, you’ll select which pair fits your budget and sense of style the best. You know the rest!

Mid Duty Boots from Red Wing Shoes

If we’ve recommended that you shop within the Mid Duty family, you’ll have a wide selection to choose from. These are just a few examples of boots from this family:




And many others! Head up to one of our Richmond-area stores today and talk to one of our professional fitting experts. Inventory varies by store, but no matter what, we’ll get you squared away.

Get In Touch To Learn More about our Mid Duty Boots!

If you’ve got questions about the Mid Duty boot family, get in touch. Call your closest store message us on Facebook, or fill out the online contact form. We look forward to speaking with you!