Free Delivery Or Free Shipping!

Can’t make it up to one of our three Red Wing Richmond stores? We still got you! Send us your information on the form below (or call us), and we’ll order a pair of boots for you.

If you’re not sure what kind of boots you need, that’s no problem! We’ll reference your record of purchases at the store and figure it out from there. If you’ve never ordered from us before, we’ll need to go through a fitting process in order to determine the right boot for you. We can try to do that over the phone, but it’s more accurate in person. Either way… we’ll make it work! 

The best part: We’ll either drop them off at your house the next day or ship them to you… for FREE! 


We’re thrilled to offer you FREE next day delivery!

In order to qualify, you must: 

  • Live within our delivery area
    • In/around Richmond 
  • Order boots that are currently in stock 
    • No worries – we have a ton of inventory 

If you don’t check both these boxes, no worries… you can still get FREE SHIPPING!


If you live outside of the Richmond area or if we don’t carry your boots in stock, we’ll still gladly ship your boots directly to your doorstep for FREE! Just fill out the form below and we’ll contact you to confirm your order and payment details.  

Industrial (Shoe Truck) Accounts

If your company issued you a paper voucher or PO Number, enter as much information below as you can and check the “I have a Voucher/PO Number” box below.

We’ll follow up with you to confirm the rest of your details and get you on your way!


Dropshipping Form

Once you complete your form, we will get back in touch with you quickly to either confirm your order and payment details or start the boot fitting process.

After that, consider your new boots on the way to your door step!

Thank you for the opportunity to continue to serve you.