Red Wing Boot Care in the Winter

Winter Boot Care

Christmas and New Years are behind us… and since then it seems like it’s been nothing but snow! Real Richmonders with a few seasons under their belt know that the real cold comes in January and February.  That means just one thing as far as Red Wing Richmond is concerned: it’s time to go over our winter boot care tips!

Our customers love their Red Wing boots for countless reasons; they’re tough, they’re durable, quality-built and tested, and ruggedly handsome. Our customers know that a pair of Red Wings says something about the person wearing it. However, one thing sticks out more than the rest, at least this time of the year – almost every pair of Red Wings will keep your feet warm and dry during winter weather while providing excellent traction on the icy and slick surfaces you’ll experience throughout Richmond this winter.

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Toys for Tots 2021 Drive!


Happy Holidays from all of us at Red Wing Richmond! While this year has been better than the last, it’s still been hard on many of the families throughout Richmond. Many kids throughout RVA are at risk of not having a toy under the tree this year… and we need to help them! We’re doing our part to help them with our yearly Toys for Tots drive – and we hope you can lend us a hand before Dec. 17th!

When the Marines call, Red Wing Richmond answers. We’re continuing our dedication to giving back to the community that supports us by partnering with the United States Marine Corps in their annual Christmas Toys for Tots program!

The Marine Toys For Tots Program

Christmas is a special time of year, and it’s even more special for children. Each one deserves to have a toy under Continue reading

Red Wing Richmond’s Tough Love Event!

tough love

Suffice to say, it’s been a wild ride the last few years. Between changes in the economy, shipping delays, and labor shortages, it’s more important than ever to keep the tools you have in good shape rather than buying new. That’s not necessarily a bad thing – in fact, we think it’s a great opportunity to learn how far a little bit of TLC goes.  In our case, we want to teach you how to take care of your Red Wing boots via our Tough Love Event! 

The Tough Love Event

Your Red Wing boots are an investment into your job performance, safety, comfort, and overall health. We want to help you get the absolute most out of your Red Wing Boots, and we’re excited to introduce our Tough Love event!

The Tough Love Event is all about educating customers about how they can take care of their Red Wings. Our boots outlast Continue reading

Fall Hiking in Richmond

fall hikes

Great Fall and Winter Hikes near Richmond

We’re lucky to live in Richmond because we get to experience a genuinely beautiful fall season! The cool autumn winds have arrived and kicked out the last bits of summer. Fall is here, and with fall comes fall hikes!

Red Wing of Richmond has experienced many seasonal turns here, and we think fall is truly special. Some cities are locked in urban sprawl, all concrete, pavement, and steel, making it easy to lose track of changes in nature. Richmond, on the other hand, is dotted with natural beauty that just explodes in vibrant color this time of year.

Maybe your morning commute takes you over the James River, and you get to see broad swathes of trees changing colors in the distance. Or maybe a cool, damp breeze blows a handful of brightly-colored leaves onto your work site. You see these little fall reminders, and they’re Continue reading

Red Wing Hunting Boots

Red Wing Hunting Boots

Hunting season is right around the corner! Like any good hunter, you’ll soon be doing a thorough inventory of your gear. You’ll want to test your calls. Zero your firearm. Practice your aim. Don’t forget –  make sure your hunting boots are up to snuff! You wouldn’t take a rusted and worn rifle out to the field with you, right? Your boots follow the same principle. If you find that your boots aren’t going to work for you this hunting season, we’ve got the perfect solution: Red Wing Hunting Boots!

Our Red Wing Hunting Boots

We carry wide and varied selection of purpose built hunting boots at Red Wing Richmond. Whatever Red Wing Hunting Boots you choose, rest assured: they are all designed to keep your feet dry, warm, and protected as you go in for the kill!

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Red Wing Richmond: A Local Business

Richmond Original

If you’ve been to any of our 3 Richmond area locations, you know that we’re a bit different than most chain shoe stores… and that’s something we’re proud of! What you might not know, though, is that we are a LOCAL business! Of course, Red Wing shoes is global brand, and for good reason… our boots are the best in the world. However, our Richmond stores are owned and operated by local Richmonders, and have been for decades. 

What Makes Us Different

You can get excellent service from any Red Wing Shoes store you visit. However, we take it a step further. Our dedication to service after the sale is unmatched. For example:

We have a 30-day service program that helps you protect your investment
We have monthly specials that often correspond with what’s going on with Richmond at the time (IE Vasque Boot sales when the weather warms up and people start hitting Continue reading

The CATEC Sign-To-Work Event featuring Red Wing Charlottesville

Recently, the Charlottesville Albemarle Technical Education Center (CATEC) graduated a class of hard workers, and our sister store in Charlottesville was on-site, handing out gift cards! You can read the whole story on the Red Wing Charlottesville blog… but suffice to say, we’re proud of our role in helping out the next generation of workers. See below for a quick overview!

News Coverage of the CATEC Graduation Event

Red Wing Shoes provided $150 gift certificates for work-certified shoes. Building and Electric trades students received toolbelts from Diamondback Toolbelts.

CATEC Director Stephanie Carter said it’s all part of the school’s mission to see students succeed when they leave the classroom. 

“It’s our goal really to strengthen our students individual pipelines and preparing them so they leave us ready to go out and meet all their career goals,” she said.

From CBS-19 News


ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) – Students from the Charlottesville-Albemarle Continue reading

Back to Normal!


It’s been a long and tough haul, but we are happy to finally be at the finish line. Effective immediately, Red Wing Richmond is thrilled to report that, in accordance with the guidance of the CDC and Virginia state guidelines, we are suspending the majority of our COVID mask and capacity-limiting protocols at all 3 of our Richmond area locations and our sister store in Charlottesville. Things are finally back to normal!

What this means for you

Long story short, we will no longer require mask-wearing or have capacity limits at any of our stores. You are certainly more than welcome to wear a mask if you’d like, and we will still encourage social distancing within the store. Additionally, we will still be observing  heightened cleaning protocols.

We will still offer to-your-door shipping from all stores. However, our virtual fitting program will no longer be offered. 

As always, we recommend customers come into the Continue reading

Boots for the Summer and Fall!

When you hear the name Red Wing Shoes, what immediately comes to mind is quality. Durability. Dependability. We agree with all of those! However, we’ve got another word we want you to think of this upcoming summer when you Red Wing comes to mind: Versatility!

At all three of our stores, we stock a huge variety of purpose-built Red Wing shoes. We have boots for work, boots for play, and boots for everything in between. Most importantly, since we’ve got a few more months of heat – we have boots for any and all tasks this summer!

Summer Boots from Red Wing Richmond

The River city has tons of trails, hikes, sights, and scenes to take in and take on! However – if you don’t have the right pair of boots to conquer the elements, you’ll either miss out… or your feet will make you pay! In summer, the requirements for a great Continue reading

Hiking Shoes from Red Wing Richmond

If you went outside the last couple of weeks, you can tell… spring of 2021 is almost here! It’s time to hit the trail! If your hiking shoes aren’t up for this year’s challenges, it might be high time to replace those worn our hiking shoes with a fresh, durable pair!

Red Wing Richmond has you covered! We feature a full line of hiking shoes under our Vasque Hiking Shoes brand. The Vasque brand has long been known for its dedication comfort, durability and protection!

Vasque Hiking Shoes

Boots from our Vasque hiking footwear line are purpose-built for Richmond’s outdoor enthusiasts. These quality shoes focus on an unmatched durability while maintaining the lightest weight profile possible. Vasque’s name is universally known and highly regarded throughout the hiking and backpacking community. We’re proud to offer these incredibly high quality hiking shoes and boots to hikers throughout the Richmond area!

Vasque hiking footwear is built specifically with the rigors of the Continue reading