Red Wing Boot Care in the Winter

Winter Boot Care

Winter Boot CareRichmond – It’s cold out there… and only getting colder. That means just one thing as far as Red Wing Richmond is concerned: the winter of 2023 is here, and it’s time to go over our winter boot care tips!

Our customers love their Red Wing boots for countless reasons; they’re tough, they’re durable, quality-built and tested, and ruggedly handsome. Our customers know that a pair of Red Wings says something about the person wearing … Continue Reading →

Toys for Tots 2023!

Toys for Tots



The holidays are a time for joy and celebration, but for many families in Richmond, they can also be a time of financial hardship. This year, more than ever, children in the RVA area are at risk of not having a toy under the tree on Christmas morning.

That’s why Red Wing Richmond is partnering with the United States Marine … Continue Reading →

Our “Trades-Made” Initiative


We’re excited to announce the launch of our new “Trades-Made” campaign, which seeks to celebrate and support skilled trade workers. We believe this campaign will be a call to action for brands from all sectors of the economy to unite in recognizing and honoring the importance of the skilled trades and their impact on society.

In Honor of Labor Day, Celebrate the “Trades-Made” Workers of America!

We launched this initiative on Labor Day of 2023. Continue Reading →

We Offer Way More Than Work Boots!

More Than Work Boots

Red Wing Richmond is known throughout Central VA for our best-in-the-field work boots. However, we also offer various other types of footwear, including hunting, hiking, lifestyle, and women’s boots. Keep reading, and we think you’ll agree that we offer far more than work boots!

Hunting Boots

Our hunting boots, mainly from the Irish Setter line, are designed to provide comfort and protection in the field. They are made with high-quality, durable materials such as Continue Reading →

Finding the Right Work Boots for You

work boots in richmond

When it comes to physically demanding and potentially dangerous professions like construction, having the right footwear is not just a suggestion but a necessity for both comfort and safety. Selecting the best work boots in Richmond requires careful consideration to ensure they meet your specific job requirements.

In this guide, we will explore the key factors to keep in mind when choosing work boots that are suitable for your needs.

Finding the Perfect Work Boots

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Summer Boots from Red Wing Shoes

Summer Boots

Seems like the hot weather’s finally here to stay in RVA. Are you (and your feet) ready for it? If not, it’s time to get yourself a pair of summer boots from Red Wing Richmond.

Summer Heat Calls for Summer Boots

When you think of Red Wing Shoes, quality, durability, and dependability probably come to mind. And we couldn’t agree more! But this summer, we want you to add another word to that list when … Continue Reading →

Free Boot Cleaning!

Free Boot Cleaning

It’s more important than ever to make your dollar stretch as far as it can. Part of that means you’ll need to start taking a little better care of your stuff so it lasts longer. Like always… Red Wing Richmond is here to help! We know how those long days on the job beat up your boots. All that abuse day-in and-day out can dramatically lessen your boot’s lifespan. That’s why we’re excited to extend Continue Reading →

Insoles from Red Wing Shoes


Red Wing Boots are known for durability, protection, and quality. We pride ourselves on providing working footwear to the hardworking men and women across the country. Folks know: when you need to get the job done, safely, you throw on a pair of legendary Red Wing Boots.  But we’re not only about safety – we’re also about comfort, and our different lines of insoles are proof!    

For many of our customers, the insoles that … Continue Reading →

Hiking Boots from Red Wing Richmond

Hiking Boots

If you’re looking for the best hiking boots and shoes to tackle the trails around RVA, Red Wing Richmond has you covered!. We offer a wide variety of hiking boots and shoes to choose from, all of which are designed to provide maximum comfort, support, and durability on the trail.

Our hiking boots are perfect for those who want a rugged and reliable boot that can handle RVA’s trails and hikes. So whether you’re hiking

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Casual Footwear from Red Wing Richmond

We know: when you think of Red Wing Shoes, you think of our work boots. Our reputation precedes us! It’s well deserved, but comes with one drawback: most folks don’t realize we have many other types of footwear, featuring the same quality as our work boots! This month, we’ll take a look at the shoes you should put on after you take our work boots off: Red Wing’s Casual Footwear!

Casual Footwear from Red Wing

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