An Interview with Bill Gardner of Red Wing Shoes

Bill Gardner

Author’s Note: It’s throw back time! Like most things Red Wing, this discussion with Bill Gardner, Owner of Red Wing Richmond, stands up to the test of time! Originally blogged in 2012, you’ll find that over the last 6 years, not much has changed about our approach to doing business here in Richmond. We still provide the world’s best work boots, and we still go above and beyond to provide service after the sale.

Originally Published Nov. 20, 2012

Meet Bill Gardner

During a recent interview, Bill Gardner, the owner of Red Wing Shoes in Richmond, Virginia, shared his thoughts on what separates Red Wing from the competition, what makes their boots special, and what about their approach to service has their customers coming back time and time again.

Red Wing Richmond, a Family Tradition

While the story of Red Wing Shoes itself may be well known, how it came to Continue reading

Athletic Shoes from Red Wing Richmond

Athletic shoes come in all shapes and sizes, for all types of athletes! Playing a sport? Just need some more athleticism in your shoes for your day to day tasks? Red Wing Richmond has a great solution!

Plenty of our customers fall into the “industrial athlete” category. This means they need something flexible, yet supportive, and durable, yet comfortable.

We are proud of our long standing reputation as Richmond’s finest provider in durable work boots. However, we’re also expanding our product selection to meet the changing needs of so many of our current and future customers. We’re excited to bring our new athletic shoe line to Richmond!

Athletic Shoes for Industrial Athletes

Like all of our footwear, Red Wing’s athletic shoes are built to perform under the most stressful of conditions. These shoes are specifically designed for both warehouse workers and light industrial workers.

They are light, comfortable and flexible for fast, quick, and precise movement throughout the Continue reading

Hiking Shoes from Red Wing Richmond

Spring in Richmond is nearly here! After a brutal, and LONG, cold season… the flowers are beginning to bloom, everything’s looking a little bit greener, and temperatures are warming up statewide. Here’s the best part: with warmer weather comes hiking season throughout Central Virginia! If your hiking shoes aren’t up for this year’s challenges, it might be high time to replace those worn our hiking shoes with a fresh, durable pair!

Red Wing Richmond has you covered! We feature a full line of hiking shoes under our Vasque Hiking Shoes brand. The Vasque brand has long been known for its dedication comfort, durability and protection!

Vasque Hiking Shoes

Boots from our Vasque hiking footwear line are purpose-built for Richmond’s outdoor enthusiasts. These quality shoes focus on an unmatched durability while maintaining the lightest weight profile possible. Vasque’s name is universally known and highly regarded throughout the hiking and backpacking community. We’re proud to offer these incredibly high quality Continue reading

How to Clean your Red Wing Boots

Clean your Red Wing Boots

Wondering how to clean your Red Wing Boots? We’ve got you covered! As we head into the colder seasons, your boots will start to see a lot more use (unless you plan on wearing flip-flops in the snow!) While we proudly offer complimentary, once-a-month cleaning and polishing, you may find it’s a good idea to clean your Red Wing Boots more often than that.

There are a variety of different leathers and styles, but the basic instructions for how to clean your Red Wing Boots are the same: Clean, Condition, and Protect.

Clean your Red Wing boots

Obviously, to clean your Red Wing boots, you must first get all the dirt and grime off. Remove the laces and set them aside. Next, pour some warm water or a cleaning agent on a soft/hard bristle brush or cleaner bar and gently rub your boot down. For the more soiled areas, put some Red Wing Continue reading

Red Wing Richmond: A Richmond Original!

Richmond Original

Our stores are Richmond originals!

By now, you no doubt know that Red Wing Shoes is globally renown for its quality craftsmanship in work boots. What you might not know is that your local Red Wing stores are actually that – local!

National Brand. Local Store.

Our Red Wing Shoe store is independently owned, and the folks work in all three of our awesome Red Wing stores in the area have called Richmond home for generations. Since 1986, they’ve poured their blood, sweat, and tears into our stores (and Gardner’s Shoes,) and we wouldn’t have it any other way! 

The hard-earned dollars you spend on work boots at Red Wing Richmond, mostly stay in Richmond. They go to the many Richmonders that make up our excellent staff, and those folks spend it locally. That means tour money stays right here in the River city… and goes on to support other local businesses in RVA, Continue reading

Get The Right Fit!

If you want maximum comfort from your boot, getting the right fit for your work boots (or any boots/shoes for that matter) is an absolutely essential first step.

If you’re like most folks, you were sized and fitted for shoes at some point in your life, but most likely that was many years prior to today. Just like your waistline, your feet can actually change over time. Our point? You should never assume you know exactly the right size in any footwear!

Get the Perfect Fit in the Perfect Boot

Everyone’s feet are different. Most brand’s sizing is different. Furthermore, some shoes within the same brand might have a different fit! With so much variation, it’s crucial that you get properly fitted by a professional for each and every pair of boots you buy. When it comes to proper-fitting footwear, there is no such thing as one size fits all!

All our employees at Continue reading

Winter Boots from Red Wing Richmond

Winter Boots

With the recent snowstorm, winter boots have been flying off the shelves! After a very mild start to winter, with a string of warm days, including a 70+ degree day on Christmas, the script has flipped and it’s nothing but cold! If you’ve noticed in the last couple of weeks that your old boots just aren’t cutting it, it’s probably time to pick up a nice pair of winter boots from Red Wing to tackle the cold.

A Massive Selection of Winter Boots

At Red Wing, we don’t carry boots built only for winter weather. We don’t think that’s a good approach. After all, you’re not just wearing cold-weather boots because it’s cold outside, you’re wearing them because it’s cold outside… and you have a job to do.

Instead, what we offer are simply great boots, that are built to be capable of getting any job done, all while withstanding extreme cold and adverse weather. Continue reading

Red Wing Boot Care in the Winter

Winter Boot Care

Winter is coming! You’ve noticed the temperature is falling quite a bit already, but as the year goes on, Richmonders know that the real cold has yet to come. That means one thing as far as Red Wing is concerned: it’s time to learn some winter boot care tips!

Our customers love their Red Wing boots for countless reasons; they’re tough, they’re durable, quality-built and tested, and ruggedly handsome. Our customers know that a pair of Red Wings says something about the person wearing it. However, one thing sticks out more than the rest, at least this time of the year – almost every pair of Red Wings will keep your feet warm and dry during winter weather while providing excellent traction on ice and slick surfaces.

While Richmond winters are usually pretty mild, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared! Your Red Wings work hard to protect your feet from the weather. It’s Continue reading

Free Boot Cleaning!

Free Boot Cleaning

Free Boot Cleaning Right Now!

Red Wing Richmond is excited to offer our legendary free boot cleaning service (known as our “30 Day Service Program”) on all boots, brands and makes right now! You heard right… we don’t mind what brand of boot you wear, where you bought those boots, how long you’ve owned them or what condition they are in!

We will clean your boots for free right now! 

Why We Offer Free Boot Cleaning

So why would we offer free boot cleaning to everyone? We know that once you experience our legendary service, you’ll think twice about shopping anywhere else in the future. We want to give you a taste of what doing business with us is all about, and most importantly how we treat each and every customer for which we have the honor of serving. 

This is what our “30 Day Service Program” entails:

Change the laces (as needed)
Rotate the eyelets (as Continue reading

Red Wing Hunting Boots

Red Wing Hunting Boots

Hunting season is right around the corner! Like any good hunter, you’ll soon be doing a thorough inventory of your gear. You’ll want to test your calls. Zero your firearm. Practice your aim. Don’t forget –  make sure your hunting boots are up to snuff! You wouldn’t take a rusted and worn rifle out to the field with you, right? Your boots follow the same principle. If you find that your boots aren’t going to work for you this hunting season, we’ve got the perfect solution: Red Wing Hunting Boots!

Our Red Wing Hunting Boots

We carry wide and varied selection of purpose built hunting boots at Red Wing Richmond. Whatever Red Wing Hunting Boots you choose, rest assured: they are all designed to keep your feet dry, warm, and protected as you go in for the kill!

If you’re more of a fall hunter, we have lightweight and breathable boots that are Continue reading