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Industrial Sales & Safety Footwear Program

Choose Red Wing Richmond’s Safety Footwear Program for your Industrial Sales needs, and reap tremendous rewards! If you don’t have a program in place, please give us a holler! We’re always excited to meet with businesses like you, to help you develop and maintain a mutually beneficial (On-Site) Safety Footwear Program. 

If you are accustomed to visiting one of our three Richmond Red Wing Shoe stores, by all means please continue to do so! Any of our in store staff members can point you in the right direction as to how to get started. For some accounts, a simple “payroll deduction” or “voucher” program makes the most sense. For others, On Site Industrial Shoe Service is critical. 

We get questions all the time from newer accounts about our Mobile Shoe Trucks.  To give you a look at what our “On Site” program from Red Wing Richmond might look like at your business, take a look at the national site below! We might not have all these boots on-hand when we visit – but if not, we can special order any pair. 

When you choose Red Wing Shoes to help protect the ankles, feet, and knees of your employees, everyone wins! You’ll potentially cut lost work days due to injuries, improve productivity, and heighten morale. Everyone can agree that employees like working for companies who value their safety and value their contributions. Be that company!

Whether you already have a Safety Footwear Program in place (and you’re considering an upgrade) or you’re evaluating the benefits of such a program, choose Red Wing Richmond. We come to you! 

Remember: if you stand in them, we’ll stand behind them! 

Our Industrial Sales/Safety Footwear Program Includes: 

  • Complete Hassle-Free Experience 
  • On site foot scanning and measurement
  • 30 Day “Comfort Guarantee” 
  • 30 Day “Service Program” – We clean, polish or condition your Red Wings every 30 days for free! 
  • Simple and flexible billing terms 
  • Employee discounts and “Industrial Prices” 
  • Complete safety regulation compliance 
  • A huge selection and variety of styles, fits and widths

Industrial Sales & Safety Footwear Program Inquiry

We stand ready to help you improve or launch your Safety Footwear Program.  

Getting started is easy! Just complete the form below, or contact us! 

If you prefer to reach us directly, please call us at one of our 3 Richmond area locations or send us a message on Facebook.

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