Mobile Shoe Truck 10 Point Safety Protocol

We hope everyone’s doing well! While it’s not quite business as usual yet, we are coming closer and closer to that point every day. In fact, after a few months hiatus, we’re now able to resume our mobile shoe truck operations. That means we’re now able to bring Red Wing to your job site for on the spot service!

However, because the safety of our customers and staff continues to be our number one priority, we’ve implemented a number of changes in our mobile shoe truck on-site procedures. 

Safety Comes First on our Mobile Shoe Truck

We are adhering to all of the CDC’s recommendations for safety during this crazy time. More specifically:

We are limiting the amount of customers on the truck to 1 at a time.
Our drivers will be wearing masks and gloves.
An outside seating area will be provided, with seats 6 feet apart in accordance with social distancing guidelines 
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Get The Right Fit!

If you want maximum comfort from your boot, getting the right fit for your work boots (or any boots/shoes for that matter) is an absolutely essential first step.

If you’re like most folks, you were sized and fitted for shoes at some point in your life, but most likely that was many years prior to today. Just like your waistline, your feet can actually change over time. Our point? You should never assume you know exactly the right size in any footwear!

Get the Perfect Fit in the Perfect Boot

Everyone’s feet are different. Most brand’s sizing is different. Furthermore, some shoes within the same brand might have a different fit! With so much variation, it’s crucial that you get properly fitted by a professional for each and every pair of boots you buy. When it comes to proper-fitting footwear, there is no such thing as one size fits all!

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Sales Tax

As you most likely already know, the State of Virginia has passed a law that requires you to pay sales tax on most items purchased online. That means whether you buy your Red Wings online or at the store, you’ll have to pay that extra 4.3%. You may be unhappy about this, but there is some upside for you. Here’s what we mean!

The Advantages to Shopping Local
We Know Richmond

Red Wing Richmond is locally owned, small, family business that carries a national brand. We know Richmond, we know the state laws, compliance requirements, and weather conditions. That means you’ll get the right boot recommendation the first time – no guesswork.

Our dedication to service persists well after you buy your boots. We pride ourselves in service after the sale, and that means if you have questions or you can just stop by one of our 3 local stores and talk to us. 

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Father’s Day Special

Father's Day

Father’s Day (Sunday, June 16th…. write that down!) is coming soon, and it has us thinking about our old man, and how he always had the best advice. One thing that our dad (a shoe guy) taught us was to always invest extra in the stuff that keeps you off the ground – your bed, your tires, your furniture, and your boots… and therefore your socks! 

Thanks for the advice Dad… we took it to heart! We know how important it is to be prepared… and now we want to help other folks prove it by stocking up on our socks with two great deals!

From May 17th to May 31st

Buy a $150 gift card to one of our 3 Richmond Area stores, (would make a GREAT Father’s day gift… we’re just saying!) and we’ll throw in a six-pack of Red Wing socks (a $50 value), for free. 

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Casual Footwear from Red Wing Richmond

We know: when you think of Red Wing Shoes, you think of our work boots. Our reputation precedes us! It’s well deserved, but comes with one drawback: most folks don’t realize we have many other types of footwear, featuring the same quality as our work boots! This month, we’ll take a look at the shoes you should put on after you take our work boots off: Red Wing’s Casual Footwear!

Casual Footwear from Red Wing Richmond

At Red Wing Richmond, we’re all about hard work. But let’s face it: sometimes the best part of your workday is when you get to clock out and relax. Well, we want to make sure your feet are taken care of during all hours of the day. That’s why we offer a number of casual shoes, designed for maximum style and comfort during all the hours that you’re not at work. They carry the Red Wing Continue reading

The Red Wing Collections!

Red Wing Collections

Red Wing Shoes is famous for ultra-high quality work boots, and deservedly so. We’re not shying away from the claim that our work boots are the best in the world – we (and a ton of others) truly believe that they are. However, Red Wing Shoes is not just a one-trick pony. We seek to provide the very best in footwear for every tough job there is, and those type of jobs aren’t always on the work site. The Red Wing Collections are all about finding the perfect boot for whatever it is you’re doing – all from a brand that is synonymous with unyielding quality.

So let’s get into it!

Red Wing Irish Setter Collection

We’ll start with our Irish Setter Collection. The Irish Setter Collection is made for those who log most of their hours in the great outdoors. They are purpose built to be the perfect boots for hunting, fishing, our Continue reading

Red Wing Boot Care Products

Red Wing Boot care full kit

As the weather begins to cool, it becomes even more important to clean and protect your boots from the elements Red Wing Boot care products, combined with our free monthly boot service, will significantly extend the life of your Red Wing boots!

If you have a job that beats up on your boots more than most, our monthly service might not be enough. You’ve made the investment of buying the best work boots in the world… now help us protect them! Take a look at some of the products below that will help you clean and care for your Red Wing boots.

Horsehair Brush

Red Wing’s 100% horsehair brush is used to gently remove particulates, such as dirt, dust, salt, and other compounds without scratching up your boot’s beautiful leather. These are also the best option to buff your leather boots after you’ve added a conditioner or boot cream.

Boot Oil

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Red Wing Richmond’s Hassle Free Safety Footwear Program

Red Wing Richmond’s Hassle Free Safety Footwear Program is all about bringing your business a win! Your workers will be better protected, since they’re wearing Red Wing’s legendary footwear. While one benefit of this is that they’ll miss less work from injuries, the biggest thing you’ll see from your guys? Appreciation. Workers want to work for a company that cares about their safety… and nothing quite says that your company is committed to protecting its workers more than buying them the world’s best protective footwear.

Protective footwear from Red Wing Shoes

Chances are, you know all about Red Wing Shoes by now…. but humor us! The goal of Red Wing Shoes is to provide the perfect footwear for the job… whatever that job may be. While you might associate us (correctly) with heavy-duty, steel-toed workboots for industrial jobs, our offerings are far from being that limited! We have industrial/corporate clients, ranging from businesses Continue reading

An Interview with Bill Gardner of Red Wing Shoes

Bill Gardner

Author’s Note: It’s throw back time! Like most things Red Wing, this discussion with Bill Gardner, Owner of Red Wing Richmond, stands up to the test of time! Originally blogged in 2012, you’ll find that over the last 6 years, not much has changed about our approach to doing business here in Richmond. We still provide the world’s best work boots, and we still go above and beyond to provide service after the sale.

Originally Published Nov. 20, 2012

Meet Bill Gardner

During a recent interview, Bill Gardner, the owner of Red Wing Shoes in Richmond, Virginia, shared his thoughts on what separates Red Wing from the competition, what makes their boots special, and what about their approach to service has their customers coming back time and time again.

Red Wing Richmond, a Family Tradition

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UVA Virtual Shoe Truck

To our hardworking customers at UVA,

We hope you’re all doing well and staying safe during these unprecedented times.

In light of the current situation, we’re providing an online shoe fitting and ordering option. Using Zoom, we’ll be able to sit down with you face-to-face and individually assess your specific shoe needs while maintaining social distancing guidelines!


We have appointments every 15 minutes from 8am to 12 noon, and then from 1pm to 3pm. Fill out the form below to reserve your appointment slot!

Joining the Meeting from Your Own Device

From Mobile:

Download Zoom (for Android or IOS)
At your appointment time, we will send you a meeting invitation to your provided email address. Click on the link in the email to launch the meeting!

From Desktop:

At your appointment time, we will send you a meeting invitation to your provided email address. Click the link in the email!
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