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Composite Toe Boots or Steel Toe Boots?

At Red Wing Richmond, we understand that customers want to know as much information as possible before investing in a high quality, long lasting pair of work boots. We’re here to help! We’d like to start by addresssing a common question we hear from potential customers almost daily. That questions is this: What are the major differences between composite toe boots and steel toe boots?

Both steel toe and composite toe boots have their advantages. What is most important to us when recommending a work boot varies greatly.  Certain lifestyles, jobs, and feet require certain boots. Let’s continue our investigation of steel toe and composite toe benefits below!

Advantages of Steel Toe Boots

Composite ToeSteel toed work boots have been the standard protection in safety boots for decades now, and for good reason.

As most hard working men and women know, steel is an incredibly strong and durable metal. A well made steel toe cap can protect your toes from a variety of potential on the job hazards.

When it comes to impact and crush resistant protection, steel toe boots do offer a superior level of protection. Steel’s protection ability exceeds almost all other types of bots, including composite toe.

Steel toe boots can also provide a more cost effective solution than some composite toe boots, depending on the style and brand. When you combine these factors, steel toe boots stand firm as the standard for protective footwear worldwide. However, composite toe boots do offer some advantages!

Advantage of Composite Toe Boots

Even with the advantages that steel toe boots offer, composite toe boots are rapidly growing in demand as technology continues to improve. Composite toe materials today are much more advance. Additionally, pricing is more reasonable as production processes have become more streamlined. These materials provide excellent protection, though not quite as much impact resistance as the legendary steel toe boots.

Composite ToeComposite toe boots consist of cutting edge materials, such as fiberglass and carbon fiber. These materials are considerably lighter than steel, which, as a result, will lessen foot fatigue at the end of the day. If your work requires you to pass through a metal detector, composite toe boots might save you considerable time/hassle.

Composite materials are great… and another bonus is that they are not conductive. If you’re working a job that requires regular interaction with live current, composite toe boots provide an outstanding solution.

Find The Right Boot For The Job

At Red Wing, we always suggest that you buy the boot that has the most possible protection for your job.

Don’t fall victim to what your buddy recommends. Don’t assume you already know what types of boots are on the market. With rapid advances in technology come changes in customer demand and product availability. These factors impact the boots we carry.

We can’t stress enough the importance of meeting with one of our representatives face to face. Let us ask you the right questions to help narrow your search for the perfect work boot. Think of it this way: fitting boots for hard working men and women is what we do every single day, all day long. Who better to point you in the right direction?

Composite ToeWe’ve custom fit workers of every job in every industry with work boots that offer them the protection they need. We’re also stay well versed on updated OSHA mandates and requirements, so our recommendations will meet the legal safety requirements of your job.

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