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Coupon For $20 off All Insulated Boots!

Heat it Up!

Man, it’s freezing out there! Winter has arrived in Richmond! It’s been record-settingly cold already, with no signs of letting up. You need to find some boots that will keep those feet warm this winter, and as usual, we’ve got just the thing to help out – a coupon for $20 off all insulated boots this month! Choose any size, brand, style… if it’s insulated, it’s discounted!

All of Red Wing’s boots are made to the highest standards, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that our our Insulated boots are known throughout the world as some of the warmest, driest, and coziest you can buy!

If your boots aren’t getting the job done… what are you waiting for? Replace them with some Red Wings!

Get your discount!

This deal is valid all month long at the 3 Richmond stores. Simply print out the coupon at the top of the page and give it to us at check out… Stay warm out there!

Get in touch if you have any questions! Call us at any of our 3 Richmond area stores, or contact us online.