Hiking Shoes from Red Wing Richmond

Vasque Hiking ShoesIf you went outside the last couple of weeks, you can tell… spring of 2021 is almost here! It’s time to hit the trail! If your hiking shoes aren’t up for this year’s challenges, it might be high time to replace those worn our hiking shoes with a fresh, durable pair!

Red Wing Richmond has you covered! We feature a full line of hiking shoes under our Vasque Hiking Shoes brand. The Vasque brand has long been known for its dedication comfort, durability and protection!

Vasque Hiking Shoes

Boots from our Vasque hiking footwear line are purpose-built for Richmond’s outdoor enthusiasts. These quality shoes focus on an unmatched durability while maintaining the lightest weight profile possible. Vasque’s name is universally known and highly regarded throughout the hiking and backpacking community. We’re proud to offer these incredibly high quality hiking shoes and boots to hikers throughout the Richmond area!

Vasque hiking footwear is built specifically with the rigors of the trail in mind. They are designed to be light, yet incredibly sturdy. Each pair of these boots is constructed from a blend of heavy duty materials and breathable meshes, to keep you on the path for longer!

Learn more about the Vasque line by watching the video below, or visit our Vasque Boots page online!

As you can see, the name “Vasque” is synonymous with quality and durability to hardcore hikers and day trippers alike. Like all the brands we carry in store, our number one focus and concern is delivering both quality and value. When you’ve got a pair of Vasque boots on your feet, you’ll be ready for anything mother nature throws your way!

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If you’re ready to upgrade to a new pair of Vasque hiking boots, stop in to any of our three Richmond Red Wing Shoe stores! We’d love to custom fit you into the perfect hiking boot for your next adventure.

Give your closest store a call, contact us online, or send us a message on Facebook.

Enjoy the trails this spring in style and comfort, with a new pair of Vasque hiking shoes or boots from your friends at Red Wing Richmond!