Red Wing Hunting Boots

Hunting Boots from Red Wing Richmond

Hunting Boots from Red Wing Richmond (mostly from our Irish Setter brand) are purpose built to tackle any game, on any trail. Like all Red Wing Boots, they are created with the knowledge and experience of our artisan cobblers and assembled, predominately by hand, by expert shoe craftsmen and women. You can expect the same level of quality from your Red Wing Hunting Boots as you can from any boot in the Red Wing line… and if you know our products, that’s saying a lot.

Purpose built for the Great Hunt

Red Wing hunting boots represent a perfect marriage of form and function. Built specifically with the rigors of the trail in mind, these boots are extensively and thoroughly quality tested by both amateur and professional hunters alike for years before we bring them to market.

Almost all of our hunting boots feature RealTree camo or other quality camouflage variants that will help you blend in with your environment while you’re on the hunt. Additionally, our hunting boots are water proof and all feature thermal insulation, meaning your feet will stay dry and stay warm throughout the duration of your hunt. Additionally, the foot bed and sole are built specifically for conditions found out on the trail. Similar to our hiking boots, they provide great traction on a variety of terrain while allowing for maximum comfort for those long treks out to the blind.

Rest assured, When you lace up a Red Wing hunting boot, the only thing you’ll have to worry about is cleaning and dressing your quarry.

A Few Of Our Outstanding Hunting Boots

Be sure to check out our Irish Setters page for more info! Most of our hunting boots can be found with Red Wing’s Irish Setter logo on them.

Get Ready For The Hunt!

So what are you waiting for?

If you need a new pair of boots to tackle your next big hunt, Red Wing Richmond’s hunting boots deliver maximum protection and comfort!

Get fitted for a long lasting pair of hunting boots at any of our 3 Richmond area Red Wing Shoe stores, hit us up on Facebook, contact Red Wing Richmond online, or give us a ring!