In-Store Safety Protocol

A few weeks ago, we outlined exactly how we planned to keep our industrial clients safe and healthy during their visits to the mobile shoe store. Now that we’ve opened up all 3 of our retail locations to walk in traffic, we want you to know that safety comes first there, too!

On top of following the CDC guidelines, we’ve taken it a step further! We’ve partnered with Chem Dry Of Richmond, and had their team apply their ViroDefenders treatment to our Red Wing Richmond and Charlottesville stores, and our mobile shoe trucks. We will continue these treatments every 90 days for at least the next year. This treatment has a proprietary molecular bond, that includes a “nano shield” that protects all surfaces from virus penetration for at least 90 days and kills 99.99% of any germs.

We are not by any means guaranteeing anything. Just know that we are investing heavily in the safety and health of our employees and our customers, by going way above and beyond the recommended CDC guidelines.

We’ve always said we are in the “People Business” and not the “Shoe Business.” Now its time we show you what that means. Keep reading to see what else we’re doing to keep you protected at our Midlothian, Chester, and Brook Road stores!

Safety Comes First At Our Stores and On The Shoe Truck

We are adhering to all of the CDC’s recommendations, and going even further, to keep you safe during this time. 

  • Our associates will be wearing masks
  • If a customer tries on a pair of shoes, and doesn’t take them, the footwear will be quarantined for 48 hours.
  • All common surfaces will be wiped down and sanitized on a routine schedule during the day
  • Social distancing will be strictly practiced in our stores between our associates
  • Our employees are monitoring themselves for symptoms and taking their temperature daily before coming to work 
  • The entire store will be thoroughly cleaned and deeply sanitized at the end of the day

We are doing everything we can to stem the spread of this virus, and keep you safe and sound. We’re doing the same thing in our shoe truck, and we hope you join us in doing your part as well! 

Contact Us

Have any questions or concerns about how we’re doing our best to keep walk in traffic protected? Get in touch! Call us at the Midlothian location or message us on Facebook. 

Remember – if you’re not comfortable going out in public quite yet, that’s okay! We will continue to offer online ordering for a long while. Be safe out there, Richmond!