Pull On Boots

New Irish Setter Pull On Boots: 83926 and 83930

We’re excited to introduce 2 new pairs of Irish Setter pull on boots: boot 83926 and boot 83930! These purpose-built Irish Setters are all about fit, function, and flair. Though they sport an attractive and distinctive look, these beauties are built to perform in a number of tough working conditions. Read on!

Pull On Boots

Pull on boots from Red Wing Shoes are the best way to get a comfortable, durable and rugged boot without all the hassle of lacing them up every time. They are specially molded by master cobblers to allow for your feet to slide in and out easily without being loose whatsoever. What happens when you couple the inherent benefits of pull on boots with Red Wing work boot technology? You’ve got a fantastic work boot!

Irish Setter Pull On Boots- 83926 and 83930

Irish Setter 83926 and 83930 are 11 inch, pull on work boots. Called “Marshall” boots, they have a unique and pleasing look. Don’t let that fool you though; these work boots are TOUGH! The are constructed from full grain leather. They are fully waterproof and meet ASTM standards for electrical hazard protection. These impressive pull on work boots feature our new RPM technology, which greatly decreases the weight of the boot without sacrificing a bit of protection.

You’ll be fully protected while getting the job done, and wearing a great looking pair of boots while doing it. Take a look below to get a feel for what the Marshall boot is all about!

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Does that mean a video is worth a thousand pictures? You decide! Take a look at this great video from Red Wing Shoes about Irish Setter Pull On Boots 83926 and 83930.

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