Red Wing Boot care full kit

Red Wing Boot Care Products

As the weather begins to cool, it becomes even more important to clean and protect your boots from the elements Red Wing Boot care products, combined with our free monthly boot service, will significantly extend the life of your Red Wing boots!

If you have a job that beats up on your boots more than most, our monthly service might not be enough. You’ve made the investment of buying the best work boots in the world… now help us protect them! Take a look at some of the products below that will help you clean and care for your Red Wing boots.

Horsehair Brush

Red Wing Boot care brush

Red Wing’s 100% horsehair brush is used to gently remove particulates, such as dirt, dust, salt, and other compounds without scratching up your boot’s beautiful leather. These are also the best option to buff your leather boots after you’ve added a conditioner or boot cream.

Boot Oil

Red Wing Boot care oil

Our boot oil is specially mixed from a proprietary a blend of pine pitch and mink oils. This oil is not for every boot – so be sure to get the details from one of our in-store associates before buying! Boot oil is for all of our oil-tanned leathers, such as Harness, Oil Slick, Legacy and Oro-iginal. We recommend that you test it on a small and inconspicuous area before completely conditioning your boot with this product! 

Boot Cream

Red Wing Boot care boot cream

Red Wing’s boot cream is an important part of home came for your Red Wing leather boots. We carry available a large variety of finishes and colors, each specifically designed for the specific Red Wing leather of your boots! Red Wing’s Boot cream is a blend of waxes, solvents, and lanolin. They are specially formulated to protect, clean, condition, and lubricate!

Full Kits

Red Wing Boot care full kit

Want the whole package? We got you! We offer complete Red Wing Boot care kits. Each one contains all the products you need to clean and condition your boots at home! Ask one of the associates at your closest Red Wing Store today and we’ll get you the right kit for your boots.

Head Up to the Store and Pick up Some Red Wing Boot Care Products!

For many, our monthly boot care service is all they need to keep their Red Wings in great shape. However, not all jobs are created equal! We are happy to take care of all of our customers boots each month… but for those with tougher jobs, we recommend a little bit of TLC at home. We have just what you need to get the job done!

Get in touch if you want to know more. Contact us online, send us a message on Facebook, or call your closest store, and we’ll get you all taken care of!