The Red Wing Heritage Series, Part II – Red Wing 1907, the Classic Moc

The Classic Moc – Red Wing Heritage Boot 1907!

The Classic Moc: the cornerstone of the Red Wing Heritage Collection! These are the classics – so classic, that it’s even in the name! Boot 1907, the Classic Moc, are the quintessential Red Wing Boots. These are the boots that come to mind when you think of Red Wing quality, beauty, and durability. Tied up in every pair of the 1907 is our DNA, and we’re proud to have this boot as the flag ship of the Heritage Collection.

A foreword from Bill Gardner, owner of Red Wing Richmond, about the Red Wing Classic Moc:

“We are excited to see more and more customers asking for the Classic Moc’s here in Richmond, and furthermore the Heritage Boot collection as a whole. The Classic Moc is, well…how else do you say it: classic! The style, look, feel and quality speaks for itself. We’re proud to not only offer top of the line work boots, but also more stylish and multi-purpose boots like the Classic Moc. If you’re looking for Red Wing Heritage Boots in Richmond, we hope you think Red Wing Richmond first! We sell, service and maintain a full collection of Heritage Boots from Red Wing, and look forward to the opportunity to have you try on a pair! You’ll love em. 

Classic Moc

The Red Wing Classic Moc is modeled after Red Wing’s original work boot style. The 1907 is a 6-Inch Moc Toe constructed from hand-cut Copper Rough & Tough leather, with white traction tread (also know as crepe) rubber out sole. Featuring Norwegian-like welt, it is triple stitched for uncompromising quality and the leather laces add durability and a stylish look. An absolute stunner in person, these are one of our most popular boots for as long as we can remember.

Classic MocThe Classic Moc boot was purpose built to withstand both the rigors of the factory floor and the unrelenting assault from the elements in the field. The “crepe” sole is a lightweight and minimal tread design that reduces the amount of dirt and mud that can accumulate throughout the day while still providing much-needed relief and comfort. These classic boots earned their name from their toe design. “Moc” came from the word moccasin, the Algonquian Indian word for shoe – and the toebox design of the 1907 was inspired by the native American’s footwear design. This combination of the u-shaped upper crepe sole would become a fast seller and an iconic boot style for the Red Wing brand. One of our First and Best!

Classic MocToday, the Red Wing Classic Moc is synonymous with work boot. If you’ve seen a pair of quality work boots out on the farm or the job site, you can bet they are either a pair of our classic mocs, a knockoff of our classic mocs, or heavily inspired by our classic mocs. They stand out among our boots as a perfect confluence of form and function, and can be seen on the feet of celebrities, hard workers, and everyone in between – all across the world and right here in Richmond.

Stay tuned for the next installment of the Red Wing Heritage series, and give us a call at one of our three Richmond Area locations or contact us online to find out more about the Red Wing Classic Moc!