Red Wing Collections

The Red Wing Collections!

Red Wing Shoes is famous for ultra-high quality work boots, and deservedly so. We’re not shying away from the claim that our work boots are the best in the world – we (and a ton of others) truly believe that they are. However, Red Wing Shoes is not just a one-trick pony. We seek to provide the very best in footwear for every tough job there is, and those type of jobs aren’t always on the work site. The Red Wing Collections are all about finding the perfect boot for whatever it is you’re doing – all from a brand that is synonymous with unyielding quality.

So let’s get into it!

Red Wing Irish Setter Collection

We’ll start with our Irish Setter Collection. The Irish Setter Collection is made for those who log most of their hours in the great outdoors. They are purpose built to be the perfect boots for hunting, fishing, our just putting in work out in the field.

You won’t find a pair of boots that has better traction in the mud, or is more water resistant.

If your 9-5 is more of a sunset-to-sundown, the Irish Setter Collection is the first and last place to find comfortable, durable, outdoor work boots.

Red Wing Vasque Collection

What about those who look at the outdoors as an adventure, rather than a workplace? The Vasque Collection might have the perfect pair of boots to aid you on your exploration of the great outdoors!

The Vasque collection focuses specifically on hiking and trail boots. These are the boots you want on your feet when you’re taking a week-long camping trip or a hike along the James.

Light, yet still as strong as everything we offer.

Swift, but not at the expense of the protection of your feet.

If you’re the type that thinks that food cooked on a campfire tastes better than anything else, look no further: The Vasque Collection is what you need.

Red Wing WORX Collection

The WORX collection is for those who value simplicity and functionality over all else. There are no frills here, no sacrifices made for fashion, and no bull – only extremely high quality work boots that power you through the day while keeping your feet protected and comfortable. Enough said.

Red Wing Heritage Collection

The Heritage Collection represents the perfect marriage of form and function. These are our iconic work boots fused with the very best in beautiful and exotic leathers, handcrafted to absolute perfection. It is considered to be the most fashionable and dressed-up of the Red Wing Collections.

While these boots will more than hold their own at any workplace in the country, chances are you’ll think these are too nice to dirty up on the job. They look good in just about anything – we’ve even had some of our customers tell them they wore boots from our Heritage Collection to a wedding.

See the Red Wing Collections in Person!

If you’re still having trouble fitting into one of the Red Wing Collections, don’t worry – these represent only a fraction of our boot variety. Stop in to one of our 3 Richmond area stores and ask us to fit you into the right pair for your lifestyle and work, and we’ll be happy to make sure you walk out of the store with the last pair of boots you’ll ever need.

We hope you enjoyed reading about the Red Wing Collections! If we can be of any help, don’t hesitate to contact us, call us at any of our 3 stores, or stop in to our Facebook page  for more information!