The Red Wing Heritage Series, Part I – Red Wing 8111, the Iron Ranger

Part One of the Red Wing Heritage Series: The Red Wing Iron Ranger!

The Red Wing Heritage Collection is very popular, and for good reason. These are the boots that you’d wear on your trip to hell and back – and the boots you’d wear on a first date (hopefully these two events aren’t at the same time). We’ve decided to take a look at a few of our most popular models, starting with Red Wing 8111, also known as the Red Wing Iron Ranger.

A foreword from Bill Gardner about the Red Wing Iron Ranger:

“This boot is all about the DNA of Red Wing Shoes and the spirit of the American craftsman. In my family alone, we’ve had three generations sell the Iron Ranger with pride to our customers, family, and friends.”

red wing iron rangerThe Red Wing Iron Ranger is a 6 inch premium boot constructed from Amber Harness Leather, a purpose built,  oil tanned leather from the S.B. Foot Tanning company. The leather is waterproof, stain proof, and perspiration resistant, all without sacrificing an extremely natural look. It features a bump toe covered by a double layer toe cap for more room up front without sacrificing protection for your toes.

Red Wing Iron RangerThe Red Wing Iron Ranger was built as a rugged and tough boot for the workers and residents of the Mesabi Iron Range in northern Minnesota. The iron miners of this region required a double layer of leather over the toe without sacrificing wiggle room, and the 8111 was perfect for their needs. Because the Mesabi Iron Range was where these boots got their start, they were affectionately nicknamed the Red Wing “Iron Rangers” – a name we proudly adopted. Word of the impressive versatility, protection, and style of boot 8111 spread like wildfire, and to this day they remain one of our most popular models.

Red Wing Heritage 8111 - Red Wing Iron RangerToday, the Red Wing Iron Ranger stands out as a feat of engineering. They were so close to perfection when we first built them, they have been virtually unaltered for close to a century.  Aside from a few upgrades that came with better technology, owning boot 8111 is the closest you’ll get to wearing your great grandfather’s boot – a boot rugged enough to wear to any job site but still stylish enough to wear to any social situation.

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Stay tuned for the next installment of the Red Wing Heritage series, and give us a call at one of our three locations or contact us online to find out more about the Red Wing Iron Ranger!