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Our Shoe Repair and Boot Repair Services reflect our commitment to quality.

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There was a time when America was awash with good cobblers. There were artisans in shoe stores all over town that would put time and care into what they sold, then help their customers keep those shoes alive and kicking for as long as possible through conditioning and repairs.

Today, we live in a throwaway society. Shoe companies push products for consumers to use, abuse, and cast aside as soon as they wear down (which is not long after purchase).

That’s just not the Red Wing way.

Red Wing’s reputation was earned through careful quality construction and a commitment to our products long after the sale. We don’t give up on our boots when they wear out, the same way our customers don’t leave a job until it’s finished.

At Red Wing Richmond, we carry on that commitment through our in-house shoe repair shop.


It doesn’t matter what your boots have been through; we can fix them. From replacing eyelets, to stitching, to complete sole replacement, we’ve seen all kinds of jobs.

Bringing Red Wing boots to our repair shop is as good as shipping it to the original manufacturer – except, of course, without the shipping and waiting. We have original stitching machines and equipment that’s exactly what you’d see in any American Red Wing factory. Our repair team has been here as long as our store has, so you know you’re getting real experience behind your repair.

Some of the common shoe problems we see are:

Worn in soles / replacement soles

It shouldn’t be any surprise that soles are the first thing to go on any shoe. If you spend any time on your feet – and most Red Wing fans do – your soles take a constant beating from gravel, concrete, steel, and any other hard surface.

When your shoes’ soles wear out, you’ve got a real problem. Worn soles don’t support you, meaning you’ll fatigue faster on the job and out and about. They also don’t provide proper traction on slick or loose surfaces, which can quickly become dangerous on a job site or a tough hike.

You shouldn’t wait around for your soles to grind down before you look into replacements. If wear and tear starts to affect the hard part of the sole, it’ll be much more difficult (and potentially costly) to repair.

Replacing soles yourself is no easy task. Chances are you don’t have the right equipment lying around your tool shed. Even if you do, you probably don’t want to end up with a pair of rebuilt Frankenstein shoes that fall apart after your first wear. Always take your worn out boots to a reputable shoe repair shop.

Loose stitching

Over time, activities that bend and crease your shoes can cause stitching to loosen up a bit. This makes the individual stitches susceptible to snags and tears.

Without the stitching intact, boots may be more likely to come apart, though strong glue keeps a steady hold in most cases.

When your boots feel too loose and stitches start to fray, don’t hesitate to seek help from a good cobbler or boot repair shop.

Missing Eyelets

Eyelets, the little metal studs that keep your laces in check, sometimes pop out, making it much more difficult to lace and tighten your Red Wing boots.

Eyelets are simple to replace and can usually be fixed at our Richmond shoe repair shop in a matter of minutes. Don’t forget to grab a pair of Red Wing laces free of charge while you’re here!

Quick Tips from the Shoe Repair Shop:

Preventative care beats repair.

We can repair shoes in even the worst conditions. Still, it’s better for you (and your boots) if you take care of them before they need a real fixing.

Always clean and condition your boots after a tough day. Boot cream and polish can go a long way in keeping leather supple, pliable, and strong.

Buy the right insoles

Walking in good form can add years to your boots by preventing odd wear patterns. A good pair of insoles can make all the difference in how you walk.

You may be tempted to buy gel insoles, which is a fine short-term solution. The problem, however, with gel insoles is that they break down quickly and flatten out, leaving you without the comfort and support you need.

Instead, invest in proper insoles with custom orthotics. Everyone walks differently, meaning every person needs a custom solution.

With proper care, your boots will last a lifetime or more. When they break down, though, you can trust the shoe repair shop at Red Wing Richmond to revive your beloved boots.