Red Wing Richmond’s Hassle Free Safety Footwear Program

Hassle Free Safety FootwearRed Wing Richmond’s Hassle Free Safety Footwear Program is all about bringing your business a win! Your workers will be better protected, since they’re wearing Red Wing’s legendary footwear. While one benefit of this is that they’ll miss less work from injuries, the biggest thing you’ll see from your guys? Appreciation. Workers want to work for a company that cares about their safety… and nothing quite says that your company is committed to protecting its workers more than buying them the world’s best protective footwear.

Protective footwear from Red Wing Shoes

Chances are, you know all about Red Wing Shoes by now…. but humor us! The goal of Red Wing Shoes is to provide the perfect footwear for the job… whatever that job may be. While you might associate us (correctly) with heavy-duty, steel-toed workboots for industrial jobs, our offerings are far from being that limited! We have industrial/corporate clients, ranging from businesses with 0-500 employees, in the following fields:

  • Construction
  • Landscaping
  • Ironworking/Smelting
  • Roofing/Carpentry/Other Skilled Contract Work
  • Chemical/Production/Power/Infrastructure Plant workers
  • Transportation
  • Heavy Equipment Operation
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Agricultural Management
  • Many More!

So really, it’s this simple: If your workers use their feet to get the job done at your workplace? We can help… with the world’s best footwear.


When your organization signs up for our hassle-free safety footwear program, you are signing up for immense value.

Hassle Free Safety Footwear Program | Mobile Shoe Truck | Red Wing Shoes RichmondFirst: we are fully capable of bringing our Mobile Shoe Truck to your location. That means your guys don’t even have to leave the job site to get hooked up with their new boots. We’ll come out, perform an expert fitting on all of your workers, recommend boots that will work for their task, and take their orders. Shortly afterwards, we’ll be back to make the delivery of those orders and make sure everyone is happy with their new footwear. 

Second: at Red Wing Richmond, we’re all about service after the sale. You’re not just buying workboots from us: you’re investing in a partnership. As with any pair of Red Wings bought from our stores, your guys will receive free monthly care and cleaning on every pair. This care allows the boots to last longer, which means you’ll need to refit your guys less often. 

Let’s Partner Up! Join the Hassle Free Safety Footwear Program!

So, let’s sum this up real quick:

  • The world’s best workboots
  • Delivered to your guys at work
  • And supported for years afterwards

Like we said; it’s a win for everyone! If you’re ready to hook your guys up with some Red Wing Boots, fill out the form below!

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