Sales Tax

Sales Tax

As you most likely already know, the State of Virginia has passed a law that requires you to pay sales tax on most items purchased online. That means whether you buy your Red Wings online or at the store, you’ll have to pay that extra 4.3%. You may be unhappy about this, but there is some upside for you. Here’s what we mean!

The Advantages to Shopping Local

We Know Richmond

Richmond OriginalRed Wing Richmond is locally owned, small, family business that carries a national brand. We know Richmond, we know the state laws, compliance requirements, and weather conditions. That means you’ll get the right boot recommendation the first time – no guesswork.

Our dedication to service persists well after you buy your boots. We pride ourselves in service after the sale, and that means if you have questions or you can just stop by one of our 3 local stores and talk to us. 

You can’t say the same for an online vendor. 

The Perfect Fit

sales tax local fittingWork boots aren’t tennis shoes. Not every boot fits the same, and you can’t just pick a size and be confident it will fit right. Even within the same vendor, boots are constructed on different lasts, so the right size in one style of boot might not fit in another style. It can get complicated, but when you shop at our store? You don’t have to worry about a thing. We’ll get you the perfect fit in a boot that is purpose-built for your feet and your job.

30 Day Service Program

Did you know you can bring your boots to Red Wing Shoes every 30 days and we’ll clean them and perform basic maintenance, for free? Now you do! We are happy to help you maintain your investment.

The Bottom Line about Sales Tax

Look, we’re gonna be blunt: if you’re gonna have to pay sales tax anyway, there’s no good reason to buy your Red Wings online instead of at one of our stores… especially with all the extra benefits we offer!

The New Sales Tax Law is Already in Effect

With the new laws, it’s a great incentive to shop locally. If you have any questions, get in touch! Give call your closest location a call, fill out the contact form, or just message us on Facebook!