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Boot and Shoe Repair and other Services

Shoe RepairRed Wing boots are some of the toughest shoes around. They were built to take on the toughest jobs and keep on trekking. Still, life happens, and sometimes your Red Wings take a beating. That’s where the Red Wing Richmond shoe repair shop steps in with our 30-day shoe repair program. Once you’ve purchased boots from our store, come in every 30 days to receive Red Wing quality boot care and services, including the following:

  • Free boot cleaning and oiling and eyelet rotation
  • Free boot laces
  • Boot repair
  • Shoe Repair
  • Red Wing insole replacement

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Red Wing Boot and Shoe Repair

Shoe RepairSometimes even the toughest Red Wing boots need repair work. Boot and Shoe repair is our specialty. We have original Red Wing factory equipment, so bringing boots to our Richmond stores is as good as shipping them to the manufacturer – minus the wait!

We’re equipped to handle all of Richmond’s boot repair needs, from replacing boot eyelets to securing loose stitching to replacing worn leather. Our commitment to Red Wing’s customer service means we take the time to repair work boots the right way. Don’t hesitate to bring us your beat up, broken down Red Wing boots to repair today!

Protect Your Leather Boots with Red Wing Free Oiling

The best way to protect your premium Red Wing leather boots is with Red Wing boot oil. When conditioned regularly, our free oiling can help maintain your leather’s waterproof quality and softness. By replenishing oils, this service can prevent drying and cracking or restore leather to its best condition. Come in every 30 days for Red Wing’s free boot oiling and add years to the life of your work boots.

Replace Your Red Wing Boot Laces for Free

Even though every Red Wing boot lace is tested to last for 50,000 repetitions, we know eventually they’ll need to be replaced. Replacing your boot laces can keep your feet secure and healthy while adding a refreshed look to your boots. It is part of our culture to replace your Red Wing boot laces free of charge, so don’t hesitate to drop by any of our three Richmond, VA stores.

Go Further with Red Wing Replacement Boot Insoles

While our premium Red Wing boots last almost forever, the insoles can start to degrade over time. Degraded and worn down insoles can cause your boots to feel less comfortable and supportive. Our Red Wing stores in Richmond can guide you toward the right pair of replacement boot insoles or even a pair of custom orthotics. We’ll walk you through your options if the time ever comes.

Our Custom Boot Orthotics will Maximize Comfort for your Feet

We utilize the most modern foot scanning technology to measure the contours and pressure points of your feet, enabling us to recommend custom orthotics designed to maximize comfort, even on concrete. In our world, comfort is king. You deserve the best-fitting Red Wing boots and custom orthotics available for your hard working feet.

Red Wing Richmond’s Custom Work Boot Fitting

When you walk into any of our three Richmond area Red Wing Shoe stores, we take the time to ask you a few questions before we recommend any particular boot or shoe.

We need to know how you plan to use your new Red Wings, and what benefits are most important to you. Next, we measure your feet to make sure you have the right fit and the right footwear for your job. Maybe your foot is wide, maybe slim. Either way, we make sure we find exactly the right work boot to keep your feet comfortable, warm, and dry.

We are happy to work with special needs to customize a pair of unique and extra comfortable Red Wings. Perhaps one foot is a half size bigger than the other? Our mis-mate program can provide you two different size shoes. We’ve seen just about everything you can imagine relative to shoe fitting, so don’t worry…we’ve seen it before.

Special-Order Red Wing Boots

Red Wing and its line-up of brands, offers over 500 styles of footwear, so we can’t possibly stock them all. However, if there is a style you’d like to try, we can order it for you and call you when it arrives.

Discounts for Red Wing Industrial Customers

We are willing to extend an industrial discount to your employees for safety shoe purchases. Our staff can assess your safety footwear needs and create a program that provides a benefit to your employees and peace of mind to you, the employer.

Contact Red Wing Richmond about our Shoe Repair Services

If you are interested in learning more about Red Wing Richmond’s shoe repair services, ge in touch! Head up to one of our three Richmond area Red Wing Shoe stores, leave us a message on Facebook, contact Red Wing Richmond online, or call us!


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    Cody Prater
    Cody Prater
    19:50 28 Jun 19
    I have never had a bad experience at redwings. They help me find the shows that fit my feet which is saying a lot. They are also a great product. I have seen people have issues but they always take care of their customers.read more
    Ben Davis
    Ben Davis
    20:35 18 Jun 19
    It's sad to say that this place has really gone downhill! I have been shopping here for over 20 years. I've always loved the service and the product could not be beat. This time none of the long serving employees were there. Instead they were all replaced with young 20-something employees who knew little or nothing about the product. Instead of the past policy of always standing behind their product they had the same policy of every other shoe store which was to make sure you're happy with them because once you wore them out of the store they were your problem. In the past you could bring your shoes back over and over and they would fix or replace any problems that came up with them. Also they were quick to point out that they no longer replace shoe laces when they wore out. The young man pointed out that they sell shoelaces so why would they replace them for free. When I pay $275 for a pair of shoes I expect a little bit more service than when I buy a pair of Nikes at Macy's. Also the materials were not as good as they have always been before. The leather made loud squeaking sounds when I wore them. It saddens me to say that this great American company has gone the way the normal retailer.read more
    Peaceful Warrior
    Peaceful Warrior
    15:07 30 May 19
    Straight up excellent service. And awesome boots. Returning for another pair to replace my 4 year old daily drivers. All the options were really to much for me. So she looked me up in the system found the exact pair I had before. Ordered them to be delivered to me home. (they were not in stock in my size). Could not be happier. Great I mean great pair of boots and service.read more
    Brian Clark
    Brian Clark
    13:20 19 May 19
    I apologize that I don't know the mangers name for this credit very nice lady from Chicago has the most sincere customer service attitude I've seen in quite a while! She keeps her word and the customer is always right! She deserves an award of excellence! Midlothian store Also to the owner your stock needs wide sizes you must give the customer what they need when they need it. Marketing 101 Just a suggestionread more
    Griffin Green
    Griffin Green
    23:31 07 May 19
    I got a pair of boots from the truck at my job site and they really just didn't fit well. Went in and they helped me out a ton, went over a bunch of different sizes and styles and we're overall super helpful. Redwing got a new customer for life. Thanks so much for your helpread more
    Micheal Butler
    Micheal Butler
    17:01 03 May 19
    The service was good but they didn't have the boots I wanted in my size, they need to have a better inventory.read more
    00:36 27 Apr 19
    Red Wings boots are strong and durable, I have wide feet that's sensitive and hurt if anything it off a bit with the boots I wear, I tried few different pairs that I really like how they look, I wasn't satisfied with the boots that I really wanted because the sales rep didn't get the correct width for my feet, the next sales rep went the extra miles to order and get the right size and fit for me.read more
    Roberto Tapia
    Roberto Tapia
    17:01 13 Apr 19
    Great service! The sale guy took his time to show me the best work boot for what I do and made sure I was happy with my purchase.read more
    Mudkat Blues
    Mudkat Blues
    11:39 09 Apr 19
    I had a pair of loggers that needed repair. The store informed me of the estimated time it would take to get this done. However the factory and corporate does not update the stores on the status of the boots and leaves it completely up to the stores to take the fall for the customer not receiving updates on the status. I was in contact with Dee Green at the Midlothian store over several weeks and she tried her best to make sure that I had the most accurate information available. However the actual status and delays from the factory were completely outside of her control. Nevertheless she did everything she possibly could have done to make things right for me and I ended up getting a store credit for my boots. She is an outstanding representative of the company and should be given high honors for her dedication to customer service and over the top efforts to make sure the customer is satisfied with what services they offer. The corporate office completely left it up to her to deal with any issues or concerns I had and even blamed the store for not providing me with accurate information. Mrs Green went above and beyond her duties to make sure everything was 100% satisfactory on her end and the company should be proud to have such an employee at their disposal. I was able to get into two new pairs of boots and couldn’t be more satisfied with the dedication to customer service that Mrs Green provided. Well done ma’am I tip my hat to you and your dedication to the American working standards of quality and devoted service to customers that so many companies and employees lack this day and age. A true stand out employee for this company. I could only give a 5 star rating because 10 is not an option. Travisread more
    365 Yard Care & Landscaping
    365 Yard Care & Landscaping
    10:53 07 Apr 19
    Best brand of work boots hands down. The support is also awesome! Took in my boots that are 3 years old and the eyes are wore out they where able to replace them all and get me right back on my feet and back to work. Their boots last forever. Ask for the ones that the soles can be redone way down the road when you wear your soles out. I'm very rough on my boots working in Landscaping and 3 years in and still going very strong. Buy 2 pairs if you can and rotate every other day.read more
    Kristopher Scott
    Kristopher Scott
    16:18 02 Feb 19
    Red wing definitely makes the best work boots but this is now my favorite store. The selection and the employees are a lot better than the Brook Rd. retailer. I definitely recommend coming here if you need quality safety toe shoes!read more
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