Boots for the Summer and Fall!

When you hear the name Red Wing Shoes, what immediately comes to mind is quality. Durability. Dependability. We agree with all of those! However, we’ve got another word we want you to think of this upcoming summer when you Red Wing comes to mind: Versatility!

At all three of our stores, we stock a huge variety of purpose-built Red Wing shoes. We have boots for work, boots for play, and boots for everything in between. Most importantly, since we’ve got a few more months of heat – we have boots for any and all tasks this summer!

Summer Boots from Red Wing Richmond

Summer HikesThe River city has tons of trails, hikes, sights, and scenes to take in and take on! However – if you don’t have the right pair of boots to conquer the elements, you’ll either miss out… or your feet will make you pay! In summer, the requirements for a great boot are a little different. You don’t need heavy duty insulation to keep your feet warm – in fact, you kind of want the opposite! As always, Red Wing has you covered

If you’re looking for lightweight, durable, and extremely breathable hiking boots – check out the Vasque Collection! Say goodbye to swamp feet and sprained ankles on the trail! Whatever hike you decide to take on in the Richmond area, Vasque boots will get you to the end!fall hikes

Need something a little heavier duty for the hunt, or for hours of putting in work outside? The Irish Setter Collection is calling! Featuring thicker and heavier materials, these boots are perfect for taking it to mother nature!

These are just a few of the examples of the breathable and specialized boots we have in stock for you this summer. If you have to do anything outside that works up a sweat… you want a pair of Red Wings on your feet! 

Contact Red Wing Richmond This Summer!

As it get hotter, you’ll wanna be outside. Treat your feet and keep cool this summer with a pair of breathable Red Wing shoes from Red Wing Richmond! Get in touch if you have any questions! Contact us online, give us a call at one of our locations, or contact us on Facebook! We look forward to hearing from you this summer,