Our “Trades-Made” Initiative

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new “Trades-Made” campaign, which seeks to celebrate and support skilled trade workers. We believe this campaign will be a call to action for brands from all sectors of the economy to unite in recognizing and honoring the importance of the skilled trades and their impact on society.

In Honor of Labor Day, Celebrate the “Trades-Made” Workers of America!

We launched this initiative on Labor Day of 2023. As you know, Labor Day traditionally celebrates workers and their vital contributions to keeping our beautiful country running and prospering.

We’re incorporating a “Trades-Made” badge into all of our logos, and we’re inviting other brands to do the same. We aim to make the “Trades-Made” badge a symbol of a company’s commitment to honoring skilled trade workers.

From all of us here at Red Wing Shoes, we want to thank the hard-working men and women from the trades for everything they do for us.

From our National Site:

“It may not be obvious, but there’s a tradesperson behind everything. When you think about it, everything is trades-made. That’s why we’re launching Trades-Made. A project inviting brands to show their support of the skilled trades by adding a “Trades-Made” mark to their logo.

The more people realize that everything is trades-made, the more they’ll understand how vital trades workers are to everything around us.”

Join the “Trades-Made” Campaign!

The badge is open source and free for any brand that wants to honor America’s trade workers – and we hope this is just the start of a movement that lasts well beyond Labor Day.

Head over to our national site for more information on the “Trades-Made” campaign and instructions on how to download and use the “Trades-Made” badge.

Let us know if you have any questions! You can contact us online, call in to the closest store, or send us a message us on Facebook.