Winter Boot Care

Red Wing Boot Care in the Winter

Winter Boot CareRichmond – It’s cold out there… and only getting colder. That means just one thing as far as Red Wing Richmond is concerned: the winter of 2023 is here, and it’s time to go over our winter boot care tips!

Our customers love their Red Wing boots for countless reasons; they’re tough, they’re durable, quality-built and tested, and ruggedly handsome. Our customers know that a pair of Red Wings says something about the person wearing it. However, one thing sticks out more than the rest, at least this time of the year – almost every pair of Red Wings will keep your feet warm and dry during winter weather while providing excellent traction on the icy and slick surfaces you’ll experience throughout Richmond this winter.

While Richmond winters are usually pretty mild in comparison to some places, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared! Your Red Wing boots work hard, day in and day out to protect your feet from the weather this time of year. It’s a tough job, and they’ll need extra care and attention this cold season so that they can keep on doing that job well. With proper care and maintenance, your boots will last you a long, long time… while still performing at a high level. So, let’s get into it! Here is some advice and tips on how to properly care for your Red Wings over the course of the winter and cold seasons.

General Winter Boot Care Tips

If your boots are brand new, protect them right away.

Don’t wait around for winter to get the better of them. Protect your boots with a proper leather sealer to keep them looking clean and new. When you come inside to kick your feet up, clean your boots right after you take them off. For most boots, brushing dirt away with a soft-bristled brush and a little warm water can go a long way.

Keep the salt off!

Richmond is usually pretty good about salting roads and sidewalks for incoming ice and snow. Naturally, some of that salty melted ice splashes up on your boots when you’re out working or walking around. Don’t let it stick around! You can safely wipe salt off with a simple solution of water and white vinegar. Just clean the salt lines off and let them dry.

Store your boots properly.

Place your boots in a clean, dry storage area, such as a mud room or a closet. Nearby furnaces, heaters, and radiators can dry your boots too quickly and turn their leather brittle, so keep them away!

Know your leathers!

Red Wing boots come in a variety of styles, shapes, and uses. While we always recommend following the above tips for keeping your boots in great condition, your Red Wings may need a personal approach to proper winter boot care. All of our leather boots are made with top-quality materials, but not all leather is made alike. Depending on the type of leather, oil, and tanning method used to build your boots, you should use certain products and procedures to make sure your boots look and feel like they should.

For oil tanned leathers (Iron Rangers, PECOS)

As always, brush extra dirt off your boots’ surfaces and remove salt lines as needed. Using Leather Cleaner, wipe away stains and scuffs and let dry in a cool, dry spot. However, leather cleaner can remove some of the oil that keeps Red Wing boots so supple. Rub your boots down with boot oil or mink oil, and make sure your boots last a lifetime. Add a little Leather Protector and you won’t have to worry about undoing all your hard work!

For suede or roughout leathers (Abilene, Mohave)

Suede and nubuck require a special brush and rubber cleaning bar to ensure proper care. Never use leather cleaners, as they will soak in and stain your suede permanently. Rubber cleaning bars can help erase dirt and scuffs, while the specialized brush helps remove loose fibers. Be careful in taking suede boots out into harsh weather. Melted snow and ice can soak into the leather and change its look and texture. Never leave your suede in a plastic bag to dry, as the leather needs to breathe to prevent mold.

For smooth finished leathers (Beckman Collection)

Our Featherstone leather, a smooth-finished leather, is our finest offering, and must be cared for accordingly. As always, brush off excess salt and dirt with a bristle brush, then clean with a soft cloth and warm water. Condition your leather with boot cream and a thorough polish. Make sure your boots stay supple by adding Leather Protector.

Contact us for more Winter Boot Care Tips!

Whatever Red Wing boot you wear, you’ve made a great choice. Just remember to protect your investment! All of our Red Wing Richmond locations sell leather cleaning, protection, and polishing products. Don’t hesitate to stop by and talk shop with us, or visit our Facebook page and share your winter boot care tips and tricks!