Stay Warm While You’re Working!

Winter will be here before you know it, and it’s time to prepare! Richmond’s not in the arctic, but it still gets cold enough to cause discomfort and potentially injury… especially with prolonged exposure to the elements. For many people, staying warm is easy… They just stay inside! For others, it’s not that simple. 

For those of you who work outside whether it’s spring, summer, fall, or winter, you need to learn how to stay warm in the cold weather. Here are the basics:

  • Layer up!
  • Wear thicker, warmer materials (wool socks, etc)
  • Wear insulated boots and jackets
  • Cover exposed skin
  • Stay dry
  • Use warmers when you get uncomfortable!

Red Wing Shoes has you covered on some of these – particularly the insulated boots and merino wool socks. However, to make sure you’re staying warm, you gotta pay attention to the rest of the basics too.

But don’t just take it from us… hear some advice from fellow Richmonders below!

Tips and Tricks for Staying Warm, From Richmonders!

Stay Warm SocksMy merino wool socks and my Redwing 2414 are all I need and my feet are awesome. I do enjoy having 2 pairs as i like to switch them out each day. Also having their boot dryer is a huge plus!
—Brett H

Wear wool socks with your Waterproof Red wings. Cover your head up, wear gloves and thermals with layers on top.
—Ryan M

Hat, neckwarmer, gloves, thermals, thick socks, layers on the body…tank top, long sleeve shirt, vest, coat.
—Brandy O

Cuddle duds, Carhart coat, Red Wing boots with wool socks and liners, two glove layers, hat and scarf. I really try to stay in the office on cold days but sometimes I’m needed in the field.
—Ellen S

Oh wow, my husband stays warm (kinda) in the car wash bays with his insulated Red Wing Work boots. He adds thermals, wool socks, jacket and hat. Brrrrr!
—Krista M 

I use under armor thermals stage 2 and insulated boots!
—Micah W

Thick wool socks, Red Wing boots, and boot warmers are the ticket! And always wear a hat that covers your ears!
—Terri Y

On behalf of my husband I can say that cotton socks & Red Wing Boots have been his choice of foot wear (worn everyday since 1982) When landscaping is your job you need to layer up & and have a warm hat , make sure your boots are comfortable and dry !!
—Renee M

Whitney Higgins Well my husbands and sons Red Wings are waterproof so their feet stay nice and dry, then they both wear Red Wing socks which keep their feet super toasty all day!! They LOVE their boots!!
—Whitney H

Definitely Layer Up!
—John J

My husband comes home to a ready boot dryer to dry his boots. Thick socks ready for him in the am with his boots and gloves both on the dryer to ensure he has warm toes and  hands in the am!
—Ariel H

Merino wool socks are great!
—R David B

Wool socks and lots of layers!!
—Jennifer S

My husband wears his insulated Red Wing work boots with thick socks, stocking cap, and his Thurston Springs work coat.
—Melanie W

Uniqlo heat tech layers and Merino wool socks are my cold weather go-tos.
—Gee C

Wool socks, insulated red wings and hand warmers. Oh and hot coffee.

Red Wing Gortex boots and a Red Wing stocking cap always work!
—Craig D

Coffee stay warmLayers upon layers and Carhartt jacket. Plus RW Boots!
—Mike S

Keep welding. When you stop or the fitter takes too long you start to get chilly again.
—Chris K

Thicker socks.
—Donna C

Red Wing wool socks and waterproof boots, Layers of clothing
—Rayford S

Lace up my Red Wings and work my ASS off!!! The only way to do it.
—Mitchell S

Wool socks and waterproofed boots and leather wool lined gloves
—Eddie B

Remembering to put your socks on before your boots helps.
—Tony B

Wool socks and tons of layers!
—Kristin H

Stay Warm Out There!

We’re lucky, for the most part, that the winters in Richmond aren’t too brutal. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t get cold though! We hope you found these tips from your neighbors to be helpful… be sure to take their advice if you’ve gotta work outside this winter!

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