Athletic Shoes from Red Wing Richmond

Athletic shoes come in all shapes and sizes, for all types of athletes! Playing a sport? Just need some more athleticism in your shoes for your day to day tasks? Red Wing Richmond has a great solution!

Plenty of our customers fall into the “industrial athlete” category. This means they need something flexible, yet supportive, and durable, yet comfortable.

We are proud of our long standing reputation as Richmond’s finest provider in durable work boots. However, we’re also expanding our product selection to meet the changing needs of so many of our current and future customers. We’re excited to bring our new athletic shoe line to Richmond!

Athletic Shoes for Industrial Athletes

Like all of our footwear, Red Wing’s athletic shoes are built to perform under the most stressful of conditions. These shoes are specifically designed for both warehouse workers and light industrial workers.

They are light, comfortable and flexible for fast, quick, and precise movement throughout the Continue reading

Hiking Shoes from Red Wing Richmond

Spring in Richmond is possibly our favorite time of year! Flowers are beginning to bloom, everything’s looking a little bit greener, and temperatures are warming up statewide. Here’s the best part: with warmer weather comes hiking season throughout Central Virginia! If your hiking shoes aren’t up for this year’s challenges, it might be high time to replace those worn our hiking shoes with a fresh, durable pair!

Red Wing Richmond has you covered! We feature a full line of hiking shoes under our Vasque Hiking Shoes brand. The Vasque brand has long been known for its dedication comfort, durability and protection!

Vasque Hiking Shoes

Boots from our Vasque hiking footwear line are purpose-built for Richmond’s outdoor enthusiasts. These quality shoes focus on an unmatched durability while maintaining the lightest weight profile possible. Vasque’s name is universally known and highly regarded throughout the hiking and backpacking community. We’re proud to offer these incredibly high quality hiking shoes and boots to Continue reading

Why Bring Your Red Wing Boots in Every 30 Days


One of the many advantages of buying your work boots from Red Wing Shoes in Richmond is the monthly service we offer on every pair of boots and shoes we sell. So what services do we offer, and why should you bring in your boots every 30 days for us to look at them?

Oil, Clean, & Polish Service

The best way to keep your Red Wing work boots and shoes in good repair is to keep them clean. Not only does the use of genuine Red Wing shoe oil help protect your boots, it also keeps them looking like new for even longer. That’s why every 30 days you can bring your boots into one of our three Richmond locations and have your boots professionally cleaned, oiled, and polished till they shine like new!

Lace Service

It’s true that every one of our shoelaces is tested for 50,000 repetitions of tying and untying, but Continue reading

An in-the-field Red Wing Boots Review!


Throwback time! Take a look at this great, in the field review of our boots Vaprtrek 2863’s from December of 2014!

You’ve heard all the claims and you know our reputation, but what about an independent, non-biased, in-the-field Red Wing Boots review? See below! Our guy is a not paid endorser nor has any affiliation with Red Wing Richmond (besides being a customer.) He takes his new Vaprtrek 2863’s on a hunt in Sussex County, and has quite a bit to say about their performance in his review!

General Information: 

Boot Nomenclature:

Model of Boot: Vaprtrek 2863
Size: 11.5 EE
Weight: 2 lbs. 6oz.
Height: 8 Inches
Insulation: 800 Grams, Thinsulate
Construction: Leather full grain and waterproof, Full Rubber-Clad Top, Stretch-Fit Cement Construction, Armatec Performance Fit System, Mud Claw Self Cleaning Sole, Ankle collar is memory foam with comfort tongue and speed lacing system.

Topography and Climate Conditions of evaluation area. 
Location/Time Frame:

The field trial for the Vaprtrek 2863 review Continue reading

Red Wing Boot Care in the Winter

Winter Boot Care

Winter is coming! You’ve noticed the temperature is falling quite a bit already, but as the year goes on, Richmonders know that the real cold has yet to come. That means one thing as far as Red Wing is concerned: it’s time to learn some winter boot care tips!

Our customers love their Red Wing boots for countless reasons; they’re tough, they’re durable, quality-built and tested, and ruggedly handsome. Our customers know that a pair of Red Wings says something about the person wearing it. However, one thing sticks out more than the rest, at least this time of the year – almost every pair of Red Wings will keep your feet warm and dry during winter weather while providing excellent traction on ice and slick surfaces.

While Richmond winters are usually pretty mild, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared! Your Red Wings work hard to protect your feet from the weather. It’s Continue reading

New Irish Setter Pull On Boots: 83926 and 83930

Pull On Boots

We’re excited to introduce 2 new pairs of Irish Setter pull on boots: boot 83926 and boot 83930! These purpose-built Irish Setters are all about fit, function, and flair. Though they sport an attractive and distinctive look, these beauties are built to perform in a number of tough working conditions. Read on!

Pull On Boots

Pull on boots from Red Wing Shoes are the best way to get a comfortable, durable and rugged boot without all the hassle of lacing them up every time. They are specially molded by master cobblers to allow for your feet to slide in and out easily without being loose whatsoever. What happens when you couple the inherent benefits of pull on boots with Red Wing work boot technology? You’ve got a fantastic work boot!

Irish Setter Pull On Boots- 83926 and 83930

Irish Setter 83926 and 83930 are 11 inch, pull on work boots. Called “Marshall” boots, they have Continue reading

Women’s Heritage Boots 3356 & 3386

Most people think of us as a work boot store for men. While not incorrect, it sells us short! We are proud to carry boots for every occasion, for both men and women. It’s almost daily that we’re asked if we carry women’s boots. Indeed, we do. Case in point… two of our newest arrivals: Women’s Heritage boots 3356 and 3386!

Boot 3356 – The Short Engineer Boot

Boot 3356 is a stylish, shortened engineer style boot constructed from Copper Rough & Tough leather, sourced from our very own SB Foot Tannery company. This oil-tanned leather is water proof and stain proof. It epitomizes the natural leather look, due to a lesser presence of finishing and coloring materials.

Accented with beautiful polished nickle buckles and fitted with a Vibram sole for traction, this boot is an absolute work of art. See below for pictures of Boot 3356 from our store!

This slideshow requires Continue reading

Injex Boots from Red Wing

Rubber boots have been worn by wet-environment workers since, well, rubber was invented. They’ve done a great job for many years as the standard wet-environment and rain boot. However, things have changed. Red Wing has married our master boot making expertise with next-generation polymer composite to create the ultimate rubberized boot. Move aside, rubber boots… the age of Injex boots has begun!

The Best Rubber Boots are No Longer Made From Rubber

Our Injex boots are a marvel of modern manufacturing combined with artisanal craftsmanship. Check out a great youtube video that details the process, or keep reading!

The proprietary polymer we use in construction of our Injex boots is fully waterproof and lighter than rubber… but stronger and more durable. If you’re on your feet in sopping wet environments all day, you know how important it is to save a little bit of weight.

These boots are injection molded on a million dollar, Continue reading

Red Wing Hunting Boots

Red Wing Hunting Boots

Before you know it, it will be hunting season again! Like any good hunter, you’ll soon be doing a thorough inventory of your gear. Test your calls, make sure your rifle is holding zero, and perhaps most importantly… make sure your hunting boots are up to snuff! You wouldn’t take a rusted and worn rifle out to the field with you, right? Your boots follow the same principle. If you find that your boots aren’t going to work for you this hunting season, we’ve got the perfect solution: Red Wing Hunting Boots!

Our Red Wing Hunting Boots

We carry wide and varied selection of purpose built hunting boots at Red Wing Richmond. Whatever Red Wing Hunting Boots you choose, rest assured: they are all designed to keep your feet dry, warm, and protected as you go in for the kill!

If you’re more of a fall hunter, we have lightweight and breathable boots Continue reading

Chukkas From Red Wing Richmond

(Re)Introducing Chukkas from Red Wing Shoes!

Red Wing is known throughout the world for it’s uncompromisingly high quality work boots. That’s not all we offer, though! Red Wing carries a huge variety of boots for every situation; whether on the job or not. Of those, we’d like to tell you about some of our most popular… the Chukkas!

Chukkas Throughout History

Chukkas are the perfect boot for any occasion that requires you to put your best foot forward! Chukkas are traditionally leather ankle boots with open lacing and rubber soles. Throughout history, they have been worn by soldiers, workers, athletes (a long time ago!), and regular every day Joes who just wanted to have a nice pair of boots on their feet.

While there are certainly Chukka boots out there that can still be used for work, protective footwear technology has progressed and you don’t see them as often. There are a ton of Red Continue reading